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Save 75% on your Phone Repairs with our Smartphone Protection

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How It Works

Are you looking to acquire the latest smartphone?


Or have you done so recently?

 Our Cover massively subsidizes your repair costs if either Screen Breakage or Liquid Damage happens within 12 months

If Screen Breakage Occurs in that time

Customers with genuine claims can receive up to 30% of the cost of their smartphones for funding repairs if this occurs

What about liquid damage?

 Should liquid damage occur then our buyers are entitled to claim up to 40% of the value of the device to fund it's repair.

Axa Mansard Insurance is Nigeria's foremost Smartphone Insurer

 Axa Mansard, one of Nigeria's largest and most reputable Insurance companies will be insuring your device.

An Insurance certificate will be provided for every insured device.

7 Reasons why insuring your smartphone is a smart move

 1. Repairs are quite costly

2. Smartphones are expensive 

3. Accidents can, and will happen

4. Device Insurance is Protection

5. Compensation is Guaranteed

6. Peace of Mind

7. Covers Various Risks


Premiums Payable


For Smartphones Worth N40,000 and below


For Smartphones that cost between N40,001 To N100,000


For Smartphones costing between N100,001 To N350,000


For Smartphones worth N350,000 and above


How to Pay

Payment can be made to:

Evolve Systems Limited


Access Bank 

Kindly provide the following details along with your payment:


Frequently asked questions

What is Device Insurance?

Device Insurance refers to insurance against the eventuality of damages happening to your smartphone or other devices. Customers have the right to make a claim when the eventuality happens. For Instance if your device is insured against screen damage then you are entitled to make a genuine claim if this occurs during the insurance period.

Is Evolve Systems an Insurance Company?

No we are not an insurance company. However we have a robust partnership with Axa Mansard Insurance, one of Nigeria's largest and most reputable insurance companies. We are working together to promote Axa Mansard's Device Insurance Cover to all Smartphone users in Nigeria.

How does it work?

Customers who have newly purchased Smartphones can subscribe to our device insurance. In order to do this the customer pays a premium which depends on the price of his device to Evolve Systems. Upon confirmation of payment and the receipt of customer details we will get the device insured. Our insurance is specifically targeted towards either screen breakage or liquid damage happening within one year. So if the buyer experiences screen breakage he/she can claim up to 30% of the device value for the repairs. And if liquid damage occurs it is up to 40%. For example if an iphone worth N500,000 is insured and the screen gets broken the claim can be up to N150,000 (30% of 500,000) towards the repair. For liquid damage on the other hand the claim can be up to N200,000 (40% of N500,000) towards the repairs.

How can one go about making a claim?

The buyer immediately contacts Evolve Systems when either screen breakage or liquid damage occurs. An Axa Mansard Claims Form is sent where all details are inputted. The form is sent back promptly with a copy of the receipt of payment for the phone to enable processing. The customer is contacted to discuss the cost of repairs and claim. If the claim covers the entire repair cost then there is no need for any addiitonal outlay. The customer may have to add an additional sum if this is not the case. The Repairs team proceeds to fix the device and return to the customer as soon as possible. The whole process should take no more than 4-6 working days at the maximum.

What if I want to collect the claim to handle the repairs hiimself?

Evolve Systems team is the only organization authorized to provide repair services to buyers of Axa Mansard Device Insurance.We are currently partnering with reputable repair establishments to ensure customers get quality service at all times in line with the service promise. Customers cannot claim cash. Approved claims will be remitted to the Repairs partner of Evolve Systems

Can I insure my device against theft or loss?

Our Device Insurance product does not cover theft or loss of the device at the moment.

What if I experience liquid damage and screen breakage at the same time?

While it is possible to experience both liquid damage and screen breakage at the same time, however, our device insurance only covers one or the other happening within 12 months

Can the Insurance be extended beyond 12 months?

Yes. Upon the receipt of an additional premium the device insurance cover can be extended for another 12 months

My device is not new...Can I subscribe to device insurance?

Our product is specifically tailored to customers who are buying new devices. We will also accept new devices that were purchased not more than 2 months ago. Customers who have also purchased UK used Samsung and Apple Phones can also subscribe to our device insurance .

How can we reach you for more details?

Please chat with us using the chat button on the site. Alternatively you can contact Evolve Systems by call/whatsapp on 080 2312 2649 or 070 6337 3391. We can also be reasched on


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